Lead Photographer – Louise Heywood

I loved photography from a young age, I remember persuading my parents to buy me my first camera at the age of 8. They were reluctant thinking my new ‘hobby’ was a fad that would only last a week or 2 …. how wrong they were! Photography was my passion and I was very lucky to travel all over the world and photograph some amazing sights. My personal favourite was trekking up The Virunga Mountains in Rwanda to photograph a family of mountain gorillas. I have some incredible memories and that’s why I love photography, because I can document special times that pass so quickly.

Over the years I have worked with some amazing photographers capturing moments from a huge variety of shoots, from weddings and family portrait sessions, to corporate events and commercial photography. I now run a dedicated photography studio and offer friendly, relaxed photo sessions and love creating memories for people to treasure. I work with a team of professional photographers covering a limited number of exclusive weddings each year and I can honestly say I love my job!

The Eltham Photography Studiostudio

The fully equipped studio, located on Eltham High Street, is perfect for capturing individual and group portraits. I offer fun, relaxed and friendly studio sessions which are available to pre-book.  Appointments can be made during the evening and weekends to ensure we can work around even the trickiest work / family commitments!